Shop & Store™ is Coming Soon!

For Immediate Release:

America will soon wake up to a new choice in large format consumer outlets as Shop & Store™ Inc. celebrates ribbon-cutting day at its first twenty-four locations.

A spokesperson for the Atlanta, Georgia-based company said the new stores would revolutionize the way America shops. "Yesterday, people went to the store, bought things, took them home and then put them into storage. Tomorrow, Shop & Store™ will change all that," explained company rep Roger Delmonte. By combining the savings and convenience of a Big Box store with the security and protection of a personal storage facility, Shop & Store™ intends to eliminate the intermediate transport hassles and make shopping fun again!

Spokesperson Delmonte went on to list some of the drawbacks and anxieties associated with modern shopping. "No matter what it is (and we'll probably have it in stock), from a pallet of socks to a pair of his-and-hers JetSkis, the consumer has to ask themselves:

  • Will it fit in the minivan?
  • What if I hate it?
  • Will it just sit there depreciating right before my very eyes?
  • What if it goes out of style?

Shop & Store™ eliminates those worries by letting you own the Naugahyde loveseat and matching ottomans, but leave them at the store! That's right! Shop & Store™ takes care of the storage arrangements for you immediately after purchase.

No room in the garage for a Boston Whaler? No problem! Buy it anyway and leave it with us!
Always wanted a gazebo but you live in a second floor condo? No worries...we'll keep an eye on it for you!

Just think of the things you don't have room for... Now you do!

Added benefits include: No shipping costs, no moving expenses, no wear and tear on your vehicle – just a monthly storage fee (at a competitive rate) and you're all set!"

Mr. Delmonte said Shop & Store™ has plans for more stores on the horizon and is developing a state-of-the-art online catalog and ecommerce website that will make future large scale shopping just a click away.

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